Our Story

A finely crafted travel itinerary, many hours of planning over the many weekends and a bit of money, all went in vein when two of the three memebers backed out at the last minute due to their call of family duty. The remaining person filled with anger, agony and ego,  decided to carry on alone.  Till the moment of stepping  into the train, his mind was asking him to retreat, but ego did'nt allow.

Still he cherish all those moments of his solo trip and still his freinds misses the opportunity. And this is how it started, offourse with all three friends together

We  Believe

Solo travel is a “once in a lifetime” kind of experience. It is in the bucket list of every travel enthusiast. Solo trips are a great way to gain a new perspective on familiar things. Traveling on your own can seem to be a daunting task, but most solo travelers have said that it is indeed a life-changing experience. India is not often considered as the preferred destination for solo travel, but we belive otherwise and, working towards changing this perception.

When it comes to travel, India offers a wide variety of destinations to explore and thats what we do. Our travel experts are very  experienced  and they can assist you in creating the best tour plan for yourself. We are always a call away, and we are open for all. So write or call Solo Travel India for your next trip

About Solo travel India

We are registered with the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises , a government of India Initiative.