An Encounter With a Yogi

Often people ask about Hinduism and the many gods, supreme gods we worship. Sometime it is hard to explain but if there is a question ther emeust bean an answer. So I am putting it the way I was told by a sadhu (hermit/sage), I met in Gaumukh. He said belief is the core of Hinduism, rest are the ways to reach the core.

There are different sects in Hinduism such as Vaishnavism , Shaivism, Shaktism, and Smartism, each considering their gods as the supreme of all and creator of everyone else. However every sect guides you to the similar path called as moksha. Next what he told me was more interesting. According to him this is Kalyug (age of vice) and mere by taking a dip in Ganges is not enough to attain moksha. It's something which you need to earn and that can be earned only by concurring your five major weaknesses of the human personality kaam (lust), krodh (rage), lobh (greed), moh (attachment) and ahankar (conceit).
I asked him weather he is managed to concur anything yet...he smiled and said "Time" ...I am still wondering what he meant by that.

By Pawan Singh Choudhary

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Nature's Mood Swings

There is nothing more unpredictable than nature and at higher altitudes it becomes a matter of life or death in seconds. On one of our mountain climbing trips (in Manali) we faced such wrath of the nature. We heard about this peak which is said to have an height of 5000 plus meters and its takes a full day for the summit.

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It was a perfect morning with clear sky and even there was no forecast of rain. We started our journey crossed a deodar forest, a small stream, then some beautiful meadows and then some rough terrain. Everything was going fine till we reach the starting snowline. We didn’t have much of the snow related accessories except shoes as we are told it was not required. Till that time also the weather was not showing any signs of irritation. It took us 8 hours to reach on the top of the mountain. We were celebrating and clicking photographs and were discussing about staying there for sometime to nejoy the views..

It was then, when one of us saw a patch of grey clouds hovering towards us and I realised one thing that day that- when you are relaxing mode your mind also slows down. Because of that were not able to understand the problem we were getting into. And within five minutes that patch of grey cloud engulfed the whole sunlight and it almost looked like evening, in the afternoon. And within the no time we found ourselves amidst a thunder storm. We have seen some of the finest views of Manali and I still cherish those, but this was something, I like to forget. We quickly started our descent, but the storm and snowfall made it difficult. However, the actual threat was the lightning bolts. As it intensified, we decided to slide down instead of walking down, in the snow. To slowdown the speed when required, we used our bare hands and feet as brakes. Well, it helped and within 15 minutes we were in the meadows area and there we found a hut of a shepherd and we stayed there till things got normal.

How crazy the idea was, we realised it later on when the villagers told us that, we could have fell of the cliff or we could have had Gangrene in our hands. But I think we did what is required to survive, off course with our luck, courage and some divine help. And I don’t take any pride in as I know Nature is always a stronger force and we have to respect it.

By Sagar Heerani

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