There is no doubt that Solo traveling is a lot of fun if planned well. But planning for it, can take a lot more time. In this fast paced world, not every one has the luxury of time. Hence, we try to help solo traveler with their tour planning. We provide readymade solo tour packages and customize solo tours to travelers.

Solo Trip in India, Nepal, Bhutan & Srilanka

Every year, millions of travellers set on a solo trip. In search of new places, different culture, heritage, nature or even for inner peace, travellers visit different countries. The more a place has to offer in terms of experience, more popular it will be among solo travellers. But when it comes to India, in spite of having such diverse geographical conditions and culture, it’s not considered as one of the preferred destinations. But knowing its potential we have started working towards promoting solo trips in India.
Our team of travel experts is assisting the enthusiastic solo travellers in overcoming the challenges they may face in India. We help them with the suggestions, and if required services too, so that they can experience this amazing piece of land to the fullest.

If you are planning to travel to India, check our solo travel guide, which wil come handy in your tour planning and also while traveling

Why you should travel with us?

No doubt solo travel is quite interesting but it also comes with its share of drawbacks. Safety is a major concern, more so for females. Lack of knowledge about the destination is an obstacle to deal with. And when it’s your first solo trip, the difficulty level is already at high.
At Solo travel India, try and help solo travellers to overcome all these obstacles. We customise tours that are best suited to travellers specification. Our team works with them and offer valuable suggestions, so that they can get the best value for their money while travelling solo. Travellers can also chalk out an exclusive solo travel package, customized as per their preference. A travel package booked with us, sorts out your issues with accommodation, transportation, routing, and to an extent, day to day scheduling to ensure a smooth travelling experience. However the exploring part, we keep it to the traveller only so that he/she can explore a particular destination at his/her own pace.

Write to us today, and get all the information you want about your solo trip in India.