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Why Group Tours ?

Solo travel can be a bit expensive and very unpredictable. It is quite obvious that not everyone is fine with the idea of travelling solo. There are many who would want to avoid the "fear of unknown", save some money and above all, like to have a company. Hence, we have come up with group tours for solo travelers and those who are on a budget.
We assume that meeting new and like-minded people, while exploring new destinations enhances our travel experience. Our group tours for solo travelers are well planned and are economical. We take care of the of the planning part and leave the exploring part with the travelers. We have group tours for all over India and the traveler just has to select the direction he want to explore.

Our accommodation generally is on twin sharing which means one room/camp is shared by two person. But you can opt for single room by paying the supplement cost for it. Since these are budget tours, we generally provide standard accommodation along with emphasis on neat and clean rooms and central location.
Above all, group tour packages are carefully designed by the solo travel experts while keeping in mind the requirement of travelers and we are sure you will like them: