Why you should enlist for a group tour?

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Group tours are a great option for travellers on a budget. These are also a great way to meet new people, while exploring new destinations. Organised group tours have earned themselves a bad name in the travel community due to their perceived rigidity.

However, all group tours aren’t about being shuttled from one place to another on a strict timeline. There are a lot of orgaised group tours that allow plenty of individual flexibility, and let you really explore a destination.

In a country like India, traveling in a group can really enhance your overall experience. The sights, sounds, and smells of this vast land are best explored with fellow travellers.

There are, in fact, quite a number of benefis of for travelling in groups. Here are a few for you to consider .



Having someone to guide you– Sometimes, planning for all the small details of a tour, accommodation, places to visit, food, etc by yourself can become quite hectic. Being a part of a group tour takes away this headache from your travel. Your tour manager will tell you your destinations for the day, and provide you with fun facts about the places you visit.

This way, you can get the best out of your destination, and also avoid any other hassles you might face during your travels, such as language barrier, etc.


Meet New People – In a group tour, you will meet different kinds of people who have also signed up to make new friends. It is much easier to strike up a rapport with fellow group members, than striking up a conversation when you’re travelling alone.

Since you will be travelling with each other for some time, you’ll soon understand who all you would like to talk to. In fact, over the course of the tour, the others might also surprise you.

Safety in numbers – In an organised group tour, you can relax knowing that someone is there to look after you if something goes wrong. Having a tour leader to advise you is a great help when you are in an unknown land.

Knowing others in the group are also there is also a great reassurance. Even if nothing does actually go wrong, it is always a good feeling to know that there are people you can turn to, in case you need to.

Price Benefits– Group tours are a great idea for those who are on a budget. Usually the prices for an organised group tour are lesser than indvidual travel itineraries, as they are shared with fellow travelers . Plus, your tour manager can also arrange for great deals and discounts on food, drinks, and other activities.

Restaurants and hotels also offer better rates for bigger groups, and you can avail great deals by booking yourself a group tour.

Having someone to take your photos: – Selfies are great, but sometimes you just want a proper shot of yourself when you are travelling. Asking a local person may not always be possible due to many reasons including language barrier. But having fellow group members always comes in handy for this reason.

They can not only take great pictures of you, but you can also have great fun posing with them and make some truly great vacation photos.


Building on our experience with solo travellers, we at Indus Explorers have come up with the concept of small group tours. These tours are aimed at helping solo travellers explore the destinations with all the advantages of group travel.

We will take care of your accommodation, transport, routing, and a little bit of the scheduling to help give you the best travel experience. You will get ample time and scope to explore the destinations yourself.

Here are some of the top Group Tours for solo travellers, to check out.

Rajasthan Heritage Tour The tour starts from Delhi, and you will experience the vibrant art and culture of Rajasthan. Go off the beaten tracks, and explore the magnificent forts, palaces, and ancient havelis (mansions) of the area.

This tour will take you to Shekhawati, Khimsar, Jodhpur, Kumbhalgarh, and Udaipur. Marvel at the splendid architecture, and tales of Rajput valour and honour. Spicy mouthwatering cuisine, and colourful markets make for a delightful trip indeed.

Lost in Himalayas : Explore the lush green hills of the Himalayas, and satiated your craving for some adventure with this unique group tour from Indus Explorers. You will get a chance to take a ride on the Toy Train (subject to availability) across the mountains.

Drive to Bir, the venue for the Paragliding World Cup, for a rush of adrenaline as you take part in a paragliding session. Explore the spiritual side with a visit to Macleodganj, the home of the Dalai Lama. You will also trek to the nearby Triund glaciers

Karnataka and Goa Tour : If you are looking to tour the Southern splendours of India, then this is the perfect group tour for you. Explore the temple towns of Belur and Halebid, and the hill fort at Chitradurga. Quench your thirst for history with a visit to the breathtaking ruins of the Vijaynagar empire at Hampi.

The tour will also take you to Badami where you will explore the fascinating cave temples and exquisite architecture. The tour will end at the pristine beaches of Goa. Here you can experience the unique blend of the different cultures that have influenced every aspect of life of the region and its people.

Scenic Sikkim : If you are an enthusiastic traveller, Sikkim must be on your bucket list. The North eastern state is known for beautiful himalayan peaks, serene valleys, tiny hamlets and the wonderful local tribe. This tour gives you exactly what you seeking- plenty of time to rejuvenate. The journey will take you to some beautifully crafted monasteries, some ruins of the bygone era, and to places which have some mind boggling stories/facts related to it. But still the main attraction will be nature here.

You will also be going to some altitude areas and hence please get a prescription from your doctor before embarking on this journey.

Bhutan Tour : Everyone is looking for happiness in life, so here we are with the address of happiness. Yes its true, Bhutan is called as the happiest country in the world. This Himalayan kingdom, blessed with natural beauty is one place which every traveller should visit in his/her life. Not that, you won’t find such beauty anywhere but the simplicity and satisfaction of the natives here is definitely a rarity these days.

The snow clad Himalayan peaks, the splendid valley views and the artistic heritage building and monasteries are a treat to watch. If this is not enough, try the local food which is definitely a delight for your taste buds.


If you’ve been wanting to travel solo, but are unsure of doing so, the “Group Tours for solo travelers” by Solo travel india is the perfect solution for you. The itineraries and tours are carefully created by experts with years of experience in handling solo tours.
Whether you want to share a room with a fellow traveller, or want one all to yourself, we have all the options for you. Our guide will take you to your destinations, but you will have to explore them on your own. So get packing, and book your Solo Group Tour today.

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