Regarding Solo Travel


1) What is the most important thing for Solo Travel?

Purpose is the most important thing and not just for Solo Travel. For solo travel, your purpose can be anything from self-exploration to breaking a monotony and you will feel the urge for it.

2) How should I prepare for my first Solo Travel?

Start by finalizing a destination. Plan your schedule. Evaluate your comfort level with  the destination. Rest is easy......

3) How will it be called as solo travel if I am taking services from you?

It's not mandatory to take services from us. We are always happy to assist travelers with suggestions, which comes for free. There is no harm in taking suggestions, we believe....

Regarding Group Tours


1) What do you mean by "group tours for solo travelers"? Is'nt it a contradiction?

Indeed, but if you give it a thought, you will not find much contardiction. Yes, in solo travel you have to make your own arrangements but apart form that other things i.e, traveling with strangers, meeting new people, exploring destinations is same in both. Plus traveling in groups is much lighter on the pockets.

2) How can I book a group tour?

Open the tour you are interested in. You can search or sort as well. Go to departure section and book the departure date comfortable to you. Open group tours can be booked by just paying an advance amount of ₹1750, upto 3 weeks before the departure date. After that full amount needs to paid for booking.

3) How many people are there on the group?

The general size is of 10-12 travelers.

4) Is there minimum or maximum age criteria for joining group?

There is no cap on the maximum age and some time senior travelers do join these group tours. The minimum age to join the tour is 20 Yrs.

4)What is the cancelltion policy?

The booking amount (INR 1750) is non-refundable. The balance payment is refundable upto 7 days prior to the departure. Our endeavor is to refund the full amount (apart from booking amount) and thus we try to replace the canceled bookings with other bookings up to a day prior to the departure. And if we get placements, we provide full refunds for the canceled bookings.